Fresh and full of life, singer-songwriter Sarah Bailey is our next Woman in the Spotlight.

The vibrant singer has dreamt of a musical career since the age of 4, and has been working to make her dreams a reality since 2017.

Bursting with potential and vocal prowess, the minute we heard this talented singer we knew she was our next Woman in the Spotlight.

We caught up with Sarah to find out a little more about her and her music.

First let’s talk about you, how did music come into your life and eventually become your career?

“I just recently turned 25 and I’m from Cleveland, Ohio in the USA. I’ve been singing since I could talk and writing songs since a very young age as well. I used to go on walks with my mom around the block in my childhood neighbourhood and write songs in my head around age 7. My dad is an IT guy and he started bringing me home microphones and free sound software since the age of 9 and I began toying around with it all from there.”

Sarah very nearly ventured into the production side of music, studying and interning in various engineering roles before realising performance was her real passion.

“I went through a year of college for audio engineering. I worked in the industry as an intern and engineer at recording studios for a couple years. I already realised then the scarcity of women in the industry.

Since I’ve always wanted to be on the other side of the microphone actually performing, I ended my engineering career and got a bachelors degree in marketing. Now, I continue to work on my craft of writing songs, composing and producing them, engineering them vocally, and performing all on my own.”

Where do you find the inspiration to write and make your music?

“I mostly draw my inspiration from real life experiences. Although, I have written songs that don’t play a part in my life at the moment, but I know someday they could.

I write songs hoping that the person on the other end can listen and have their feelings put into words in a way that can help them really feel it or cope. I absolutely love when I can find a song that relates to that period in my life. It’s one of the reasons I love music so much, which is why I hope my music can do that for someone else.”

What’s your experience been like so far as a woman in the industry?

“Being a woman in the music industry on both the technical and performance side is quite a journey. When I was practicing engineering, many always thought I was a studio secretary. They were shocked when they found out what I could do.

A woman has to work 20x harder to prove herself in a male dominated industry. I believe that also applies with being a female artist. Being a pop singer/songwriter, I feel that people have a preexisting notion that we don’t actually write our own songs or know anything about the production, we just sing.

I want to break the barriers of pop music with people knowing that I can do everything from start to finish of a song (besides mixing at the end, shout out Brad Puette, Field Day Recordings) and it be something that people want to listen to still.”

What piece of advice would you give to fellow female artists and engineers?

“A piece of advice to other female artists is to never feel inadequate. Your feelings and music are just as valid and deserve to be heard. Find a niche in yourself that can differentiate yourself in the industry where so many of us are trying to make it. We also need to STICK TOGETHER and empower one another in the music industry.”

Just like her music, Sarah Bailey is a bright and intelligent talent. With a grooving and upbeat sound, Sarah is releasing flawless feel good tunes out into the world.

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