The first single from Screamin’ Whisper’s album, Filth, is released today, conveniently also called Filth! Channelling The Arctic Monkeys but producing their original material as a stripped-down three-piece, the traditional band tensions are ramped up to the full as frontman, Brian, and bassist, Martin, are both identical twins! Completed by Zak on drums, Screamin’ Whisper have reproduced the energy and rawness of their live shows in the studio to produce a single which has the lyrical twists of classic 70s song-writing and the melodic feel of prime 90’s Britpop.

Singer, songwriter and lead guitarist Brian Hughes and his twin brother, Basser McRib (Martin when off-duty!) relocated to Edinburgh from Dublin in 2013, completing their line-up with the recruitment of Zak “What?” Watt on drums shortly afterwards. Quickly establishing a reputation as one of the most consistent bands on the live circuit, they have built up a sizable fanbase, converts to their hugely energetic and spontaneous performances. Their debut album is recorded to reflect their live shows, with their lead single combining Brian’s shimmering, slightly Bolan-esque vocals with a sway and flow from the rhythm section which is deliciously augmented by a sighing keyboard.

Sticking our necks out, we think Screamin’ Whisper may well be the first indie-rock band fronted by Gaelic-speaking identical twins. However, it isn’t this scintillating fact which will stick in your minds but instead their effortlessly melodic narratives and tightness as a band. Screamin’ Whisper might be releasing Filth but it’ll be lapped up by music fans who are eager to hear a band who can translate their live experience to record.








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