After finding himself redundant from his job last summer, Richard Stevens has found himself in a brand new job thanks to some unexpected help from his son Oscar. As a budding musician, Oscar took it upon himself to pen a song to employers calling on them to look beyond a CV and further into the person behind the paper during the hiring process. The track ‘Paper Me’ is performed alongside his dad under the name ‘Uneven Stevens’, boasting addictive classic indie vibes supported by a vital message and a touching display of their strong father-son bond.

The loss of Richard’s previous job as the director of a company producing heart valves left him determined to find employment but found himself facing set back after set back, unable to attain an interview solely based off his CV. After Oscar learned of his dad’s struggle and created the heartwarming track, Richard finally received the break that he deserved.

“He feels it’s his duty to give everyone a fair chance, and more to the point, to give him the best chance to get the right person by actually meeting them! Who hasn’t got a few hours in a day to do that? This is exactly what we want to convey to those people that call themselves ‘Talent Acquisition Managers’ playing God by deciding what someone is like from a CV alone. More than ever before everyone must be given a chance to prove their worth, so they can put food on the table and feed their kids”

You can check out the heartwarming track on Soundcloud below and give Uneven Stevens a follow on social media to see what the father-son duo do next.


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