Artwork by Banksy

Superheroes -The New Space Finders (Otherish Mix)
A fun new track bursts onto the scene from The New Space Finders; Originally formed to entertain their young children, Sean and Jenny have produced an exciting homage to the Superheros of the recent pandemic. Producer Otherish adds to the playfulness of this duo with his use of an ornamental ashtray, flute and the ‘sound of bones’ believe it or not. The childish nature of this avant-pop duo is germane to the innocence and freedom in which this track is delivered and also the lifestyle that these two live; whether it’s hitch-hiking in a pair of butterfly wings or living 10 years without electricity Jenny and Sean are superheroes in their own right living their best life on an organic farm in Cornwall with their two children.

Laugh and dance to the catchy tune via these links on Bandcamp or Spotify.

The Bristolian artist Banksy even sanctioned the artwork for the youtube upload which you can view here.

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