With her forthcoming international debut album Places soon to be released in March, Rie Fu’s music is the perfect combination of music, art and nature that is truly one of its kind. Exquisitely proved in her latest single releases Mirror and Ripples, Rie’s unique task of creating music that mirrors its locality is one that celebrates the rustic English backwaters of Surrey.

Originating from Tokyo, Japan, Rie produced music of an electronica style, fitting to the bustling city scenes. Now residing in Guildford, Surrey, Rie explores her new home musically, reflecting the peaceful English countryside with a blend of delicate piano, acoustic guitar and subtle electric guitar touches and cello – a combination that develops classical and jazzy hints that embody Surrey’s pastoral setting in musical form.

Completing a masters degree in specialised translation at UCL, Rie emphasised in her thesis that when the Japanese attempt to replicate UK and other Western styles, the outcome is always with fault as the surroundings of the respective countries do not match.

Encasing the fragile vocals and musical purity of artists like Kate Bush and Laura Nyro, Rie’s aim to de-verbalise and conceptualise her journey through her music results in a raw depiction of a Japanese artist in the UK.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Riefuofficial

Twitter: www.twitter.com/riefuofficial

Website: https://riefu.com/

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/rie-music

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