In 2020 the world fell in love with feminine men. Capturing our hearts and minds, men like the glorious Harry Styles brought a new meaning to the word ‘handsome’.

Controversial Vogue cover by Tyler Mitchell, for December 2020 saw fan favourite and ex-One Direction star Harry Style donning a rather frilly dress. Love it or hate it, the cover certainly made its mark; sparking the
heated debate of men and femininity.

Many criticised, chastised and shamed Styles for his feminine dress while others called it revolutionary, radical and ravishing.

Photo By: Tyler Mitchell

I’m afraid in this piece you’ll find I side with the latter.
Like it or not the age of femininity is well and truly on its way.

Teen-icon Harry Styles is one of many male celebrities embracing the thrills of flowers, frills and femininity and looking good while they do it.

My intense internet surf to find more men with frills and flowers led me to photographer David Hicks’ image ‘Men With Flowers’, the gentlemen dressed in a ‘Call Me By Your Name’ South of France-esque fit, carrying a joyful bouquet of flowers was a true pleasure to stumble upon.

The photo had me pondering one question- This year why not gift the men in your world a beautiful bouquet?

After all, it certainly looks good on them. Give your boyfriends, husbands and partners the Harry Styles treatment, you might just love what you see.

Written By: Jessica Rowe