The fresh and uplifting sound of rapidly growing artist JayQ The Legend has clearly gone down a storm, with his newest single Amazing Girl soaring to 2nd place in this week’s black music charts. With over 50k Instagram followers and more than 4 million Spotify streams, he has pushed aside the likes of Beyonce, Cardi B, and Kanye West, whilst climbing 3 places from the number 5 spot last week.

As the summer anthem is nearing the top spot on the charts, the official music video is set to be released any day, but for now, we can enjoy the feel-good lyric video here:

Also, listen on Soundcloud here:

Perhaps it is in times of extreme uncertainty that we realise what matters most in our lives, and our eyes are opened to the generosity around us. So, what better way to celebrate women everywhere than with a track that’s full of positivity and energy.

JayQ The Legend has clearly captured a market that is hungry for his fresh and infectiously happy sound, leaving us eagerly waiting to see if Amazing Girl it can make it all the way to the number 1 spot next week!

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