Steampunk must be one of the most inclusive, inoffensive culture movements since the 60s. There don’t appear to be any factions; it continually evolves; its fans come both genders and all ages. How does everyone else get it so wrong? Now music has joined the scene, the Steampunk Record Label featuring a wide range of bands from an impressively diverse spectrum of styles and sounds.

Although the punkier end of the spectrum is particularly well-catered for, there’s everything from cabaret; grimey swamp-rock; garage rock; lightshows and burlesque artists featured – not so much “something for everyone” something “something for anyone with good taste”. There are now only four dates left to catch one of the year’s best value nights out – see bands, locations and dates below, grab your goggles and join the party!

NEM, Heanor – 14th Oct

Wagon & Horses, Birmingham

15th Oct Museum of Water and Power, Brentford

20th Oct The Albert, Brighton – 22nd Oct

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