The alternative-rock band that combine generational traits such as the urgency of prime 70’s UK punk and 90’s fuzz guitar attack formation with vocals that offer endearing twisted vowels and consonants are back with their new album release ‘Lost Signs’.

Taking influences from multiple genres like new wave, punk and metal, Bright Garden offer innovative sounds that broaden the horizons of rock and leave them distinctive to other rock bands that precede them. Whether you are looking for tracks to get you pumped like Warrior and Addicted or a wind-down alternative where Wait and Love is more fitting, the ten tracks that make up the album provide sounds for all requirements. Bright Garden offer the ferocious, demanding sounds that every rock band needs whilst also offering lyrical depth in the form of real worldly issues that affect real people.

For lovers of Nirvana and The Sex Pistols, Lost Signs stands as an absolute must in the rock albums to be listened to this year.




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