Tod Almond is set to release his debut album If Only You Could See Me, on October 2nd. A welcome return to classic guitar-driven rock and powerful songwriting.

If Only You Could See is a touching collection of songs that truly come from the heart, truthful and real they reflect Tod’s personal journey through life. He comments-

“My children keep asking me, ‘When will you be on Spotify?’ I said, ‘It won’t be long’. They just want me to be something. I really want them to hear, see and feel my happiness”

Guitar teacher by day, and Rock god by night, Tod Almond is a talented artist hailing from Huntingdon Cambridgeshire.

Having picked up the acoustic guitar as a teenager Tod Almond is a self taught talent, soon graduating to electric guitar, bass and drums, it is Tod’s deep understanding of the instruments that infuses his sound with such musical quality.

Unsurprisingly Tod spent much of his musical journey in bands, a frustrating experience full of broken promises and disappearing band mates, ultimately leading to Tod becoming a one man band. Working out of his own digital studio, the incredible Tod Almond plays ALL instruments himself.

Tod’s debut album is set to be a stand out guitar rock success, with release just a few weeks away it’s time to get excited about Tod Almond.

In the meantime you can listen to single ‘Start Again’, the perfect introduction to Tod’s musical world. A melodic hook, with that classic rock sound and perfectly harmonised vocals, Start Again predicts all good things for Tod Almond’s debut album.

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Written By: Jessica Rowe

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