Many of us didn’t imagine that our summer months would turn out quite as they have, but one thing’s for sure, while you’re dreaming of beach sunsets and better times, Théa Marie’s new single Start of Us is guaranteed to leave you reminiscing in a hazy cloud of nostalgia.

With the retro-soul singer-songwriter Théa Marie launching her new lead track Start of Us next week (7th August), it makes us even more excited for the awaited album release later this month (28th August).

The soulful, timeless feel, of Start of Us offers a mesmerising rise and fall in the guitar motif, with lyrics that underline the importance of true friendships and how they are hard to come by. This ultra-catchy and comforting track should definitely be on everyone’s downtime playlist this summer.

Having been born and raised in France, Théa Marie has produced a stunning new album, Then, which is all about the reluctance to embrace the adult world and leave behind the simplicity of childhood. Giving us an insight into some of the featured tracks on the upcoming album, Théa puts:

Sleepy Summer is about not wanting summer to end and dreading to have to go back to work, Don’t Walk Away was inspired by a dream where I was telling my younger self not to abandon me, Times of My Life is about pleading to bring back the simplicity of my childhood to my present…. “

We have already heard Théa’s gorgeously warm tones and rich harmonies created with fellow band members Julianna Hopkins (drums) and Peter Napper (guitar), in previous releases I Lied and Times of My Life. She also demonstrates her ability to effortlessly glide between languages in Côte D’Azure, with silky French lyrics that create vivid imagery.

I’m sure you’re looking forward to hearing what this memory provoking single has to offer, which will undoubtedly leave us wanting more!

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