Today, on Valentine’s Day no less, Trudy and the Romance invite you into their retro-romantic cartoon world in the video for ‘The Original Doo-Wop Spacemen’.

By turns aping the wondrous faded colour of the Golden Age of Disney and imbuing you with a sense of eerie off-kilter feeling, the video is an apt visual accompaniment to the dreamboat pop of the tune.

Recorded with producer David Pye (Wild Beasts), debut album Sandman draws the listener further into the trio’s colourful world, and follows the latest escapades of its central protagonist, little Johnny, and his inner turmoil. “It’s a coming of age tale about asking for your innocence back. It’s a breakup album and loosely based on the hero’s journey,” Olly says. Rocking and reeling through dreamy harmonies and dazzling guitars it’s everything good pop music should be – catchy, clever and brimming with curiously wonderful characters in Trudy’s inimitable realistic-cartoon narrative.

With a plethora of upcoming live shows that offer ‘a clutch of weak-knee ballads and twisting hits’ and with their debut album releasing on 24th May, the band are set to make a big dent in alt-pop this year.

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