Sultry, moody and light Bryony Williams is a talented singer songwriter and intriguing artist. With a nostalgic rock feel Bryony’s sound has gentle delivery but powerful impact.

The young songwriter has released stunning singles such as Knockin’, a rocking and grooving track and Dive, a slow yet sultry tune. One thing is consistent in Bryony Williams’ music and that’s her authentic style, and quality songwriting.

Driving in a lane that is well and truly her own, we just knew Bryony was our next Woman in the Spotlight. We caught up with Bryony Williams, to ask a couple questions.

How did you get started in music?

“I think seeing Paul McCartney in concert at the age of 6 and my dad’s initial force-feeding of Rock’n’Roll legends; The Beatles; The Rolling Stones; Nirvana; etc spurred me on to want to become a Rockstar with the red guitar.

So my parents gifted me with a ¾ red Squier Strat at the age of 9. Then throughout my teenage years full of hormonal diary entries and emotional, woe-is-me songwriting while being heavily influenced by Paramore, Avril Lavigne, Aly & AJ, Lucy Rose, and The Pretty Reckless, the start of my music career was forming without me realising it.”

Who inspires your music now?

“Now my inspirations are slightly different. But I believe the bands I grew up with will forever subconsciously influence my music.

But right now I become inspired to become a better singer-songwriter when listening to artists such as Phoebe Bridgers, Anna Burch, Julia Jacklin, Girl in Red, Anna Calvi, Jehnny Beth, Jen Cloher, Courtney Barnett, Chastity Belt, and Sharon Van Etten through their lyrics, guitar playing, and anything they seem to experiment with.

Outside of music, I tend to get inspired to write by people watching, watching movies, my (very) surreal dreams, and just general deep contemplation.”

What’s it been like for you as a woman in the industry so far?

“My treatment as a woman musician has various ups and downs. There are some beautiful moments that can happen, such as working with a gig promoter or music blogs who hold ethical morals close to your own and an overall connecting with like-minded people that ultimately helps boost the goodness within the music industry.

However, yes there have been situations where I have been exploited, whether sexually, financially, or for image. You do learn as you go along, but what others should know straight away is your self-worth no matter where you are at in life.”

Bryony’s top tip for women in the Music industry-

“Like I said before but it is so important to reiterate, know your self-worth. You are above everyone else and they cannot touch you.

This is a crude way of me telling you to believe in yourself, be your biggest fan, but leave the ego at the door. And never forget the people who were there for you in your early music stages. These people are just as important as you are. And go with your gut, always.”

So what’s next for you as an artist?

“Next for me is my record, ‘State I’m In’, to be released in full on October 30. This is my 3rd EP and my first record released on a label other than my mine and on vinyl.

I am so excited for this. Amongst this, I will be living in Berlin temporarily, songwriting, people watching, reading Patti Smith books, and hopefully organising a UK tour for next year.”

Bryony is most certainly one to watch in music. A bright and intelligent artist whose sound oozes quality, and whose style feels really and truly unique to Bryony Williams.

Find, follow and support this incredible artist.





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