VCage is from Mexico but now very much living in Los Angeles and I have to say I am so pleased to have been sent this monumentally emotional track ‘Listen to Slam’ . you have to check the lyrics as this song is about a am being physically and I guess emotionally abused by his female partner but as a song even if you are not a lyric and message person this track works . just get a feel for his lyrics and the link to this tune , here let me introduce you.

‘You touched me like everything was a game

You fooled me into a stupid mistake

You set my heart on fire.’

Now if you have enjoyed that then you need to understand Vcage was himself the victim of a toxic relationship which spilled over into physical abuse and he hopes Slam Me will give people around the world the confidence to realise they are not alone in their suffering and that it’s right to speak out and act against abuse of all kinds, whatever your gender or background. Now this is where I get serious as normally I am inundated with dull one dimensional information from detached pr people but this information I have to say was so readable, so readable infact I am outlining exactly what the ‘messenger’ sent me as I have to be honest I didn’t know that this issue was so prevalent.

‘ 2019 statistics show 2.2 million men worldwide suffered physically during an abusive relationship during the previous 12 months, a statistic largely overlooked by the media. Victim to psychological abuse and blackmail from his former partner, Slam Me bravely tackles these issues head on, giving a voice to the reported 1 in 4 men who are abused but never report the crime.’

So do have a sniff around the wonderfully talented Vcage we’d love to know what you think, here are some links enjoy and help this musician on a mission.







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