Who Run The World? Girls! Chart Star JayQ The Legend pays tribute to all the “Amazing Girl(s)” out there.

Ex-Marine, Civil Rights Lawyer, MBA, and commercial Aircraft Pilot, JayQ The Legend and now the fastest growing artist in his genre, with over 250k Instagram followers and more than 4 million Spotify streams (and counting!), has captured the hearts of girls all over the world with his charming, summer party anthem, “Amazing Girl,” bringing sunshine to these very strange and uncertain times.

“Amazing Girl,” written by JayQ The Legend and co-produced by 21 times Grammy-nominated 1500 or Nothin’ (Jay-Z; Kanye West; Bruno Mars), is a 2020 summer banger, transporting you to a pretty tropical beach club somewhere far away, with palm trees, pretty string lights and where the cocktails flow all night. The song recognises and celebrates women both in and out of the limelight, who are making the world a better place everyday.

“JayQ The Legend’s said:

“It is time to highlight women and their daily contributions to humanity, this is what my song is about, to express how amazing women truly are. In my personal life, my incredible mother overcame abuse, and made incredible sacrifices, to give her children better lives. Mothers around the world are heroines every day, loving, nurturing, and fiercely protecting their children. So many women do so many amazing things every day. Women must be at every level of control, power and politics that affect our society and planet. They must be increasingly involved in politics and business at the executive level, wherever and whenever crucial decisions are made.”

JayQ The Legend knows only too well how cruel life can be at times, having a challenging upbringing in more ways than one, but music has always been his savour: “I grew up impoverished and physically abused by my stepfather. Music served as my escape and my lifeline. When I came to the New Orleans at 12-years old, my musical world opened up like never before.” In our eyes, he is a legend in his own right and an advocate for women, sharing the joys and roots of his musical influences shaped by his life experiences to spread positivity.

Listen to “Amazing Girl” here:

So girls, if you’re feeling a little down on your luck lately, add this little gem to your summer playlist. It’s sure to lift your spirits and provide a sweet reminder that the world really is your oyster!

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Written by Tessa-Leanne Snart

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