It takes a bold artist to cover the great, late Curtis Mayfield. However, YLD (the latest musical project from jazz/hip-hop pioneers Us3) take on the challenge with the lead single from debut album: a contemporary update of Mayfield’s ‘Give Me Your Love’, which featured on the classic Superfly soundtrack.

What do we think? Glitter or litter?

Well, our first instinct (before we’d even listened to to it) was to label it outright as litter, just because we’re so protective about our 1970s soul classics. But, after having listened to YLD’s reimagining, we have to concede that this track is indeed, glitter in its purest form.

YLD’s ‘Give Me Your Love’ fuses together the soul of the original with afrobeat-inspired bass and just a sprinkle of jazz in the brass accompaniment. Liz Jai is absolutely phenomenal on vocals and we might even go as far to say that she carries the song better than even Mayfield. Additional rap portions by Akil Dasan are a nice touch and overall, the resulting vibe is contemporary, but never iconoclastic.

We await the rest of the album eagerly, and who knows, maybe we’ll even give it the glitter or litter treatment!

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