Milan-based electro producer, Zipten, describes his forthcoming track, ‘(You Are) Encanto’, as “a hymn to beauty” which perfectly demonstrates his talent for creating enchanting electronic soundscapes. It melds dance beats and rhythms with a timeless combination of synth and guitar melodies. ‘(You Are) Encanto’ follows his recent tracks ‘Galaxy Journey’ and ‘Bon Voyage’, which have already confirmed Zipten’s ability to magic up instrumental music that allows listeners to escape to other galaxies.

Here’s what Zipten has to say: music for me is passion and feeling; I would like people to feel what I feel, that is to let themselves be transported through images, sensations and emotions; my will is that every track fits to be a short film, to communicate a vision, a dreamlike journey”.

It’s safe to say that 2020 has thrown a few curve balls at us so far. During the current global pandemic, you may find yourself a bit lost and isolated, but Zipten looks to unite music fans worldwide with an experience that transports listeners beyond their surroundings, providing them with moments of magical solace.







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