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February 2019

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Rising straight from the Favelas, Kaos MC presents Brazilian rap in forthcoming star-studded track

Born in the tightly packed,...
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90’s rock and psychedelic sounds, Keemosabe’s forthcoming EP is one that spans genres

From playing in small clubs...
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NEW RELEASE: Cory Wells releases new acoustic singles ‘Patience’ and ‘Lost’

Ahead of his US tour,...
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Poetic electro-folk liberally supplied in Heather O’Neil’s forthcoming single

Turning to story-telling and ancient,...
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Undeniable realness in Rivah Jordan’s trap-influenced track ‘Shoebox’

Veteran of the dancehall, reggae...
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The new faces of indie-rock Keemosabe set to release their forthcoming EP

With a sound that has...
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Trudy and the Romance unveil retro-romantic video for ‘The Original Doo-Wop Spacemen’

Today, on Valentine’s Day no...
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Dream pop gets even more atmospheric in single ‘Love Love’

Resonating artists like Lana Del...
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“Toxic Fraternity” Deconstructed in Henry Jamison’s acoustic album ‘Gloria’s Complex’

“Sonically, ‘Gloria Duplex’ is as...
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Hypnotherapist and Folk Music Innovator Elyssa Vulpes Promotes Self-Reflection and Spiritual Awareness in her Debut Album ‘Holding On, Letting Go’

Folk singer-songwriter Elyssa Vulpes releases...
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No-Ce’s blend of jazz and electro melodies in new single ‘Alors Je Danse’ will demand you to dance

Following their previous release Jazz...
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New release: Mark Shepherd’s mellow rock song ‘The Grand Scheme of Things’ – a song of time passing by and our role in life

The dark heart of UK...