The Rainbow Legacy was supposed to be his last album, saying goodbye to music. Adam Lanceley has suffered from PTSD, anxiety and depression and is finding the aftermath hard.

Losing all hope last summer, he was about to give up his passion for music due to his mental health. But as he states, “The kind of friend who doesn’t come along too often.” A friend helped him out of kindness and showed him that giving up wasn’t the right thing to do.

Through this, he managed to deliver his new upcoming album, Deliverance, which is out on June 8th.

Lanceley said, “The first song on the album probably means the most to me. Everything happened so quickly at the end of last summer and I wrote it in desperation at the thought of losing her. I read it to her but when I thought I’d never be able to record it and give it to her, I couldn’t face doing it. It was in the winter when I realised I would be able to, that I recorded it. I recorded three more tunes that I’d written about how she’d come into my life after this”

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