Closing our eyes and listening to ‘Small Town Fairy Tales’, the new album by The Purple Shoes, we could be transported back to the 60s with the folk-rock tunes delivered by singer Marie Dance, singer and guitarist Michael Bickers, double-bassist Richard Dadson and Theseus Gerard on drums.

The glorious vocals of Marie and Michael combine delightfully in this 12-track album and are truly complemented by the sounds of the guitar and percussion to create some beautiful tunes including their current single of the same title as the album and our personal favourite ‘Good Morning’.

Listen to the title track of Small Town Fairy Tale here –

The album contains a mixture of up-beat and mellow songs that all live and breathe in the moment with relatable lyrics. As the title suggests, ‘Small Town Fairy Tales’ tells the story of life and love in a recognisable locale of characters we all see in our own lives. Relatable, uplifting and perfect escapism from our current locked-down lives, Small Town Fairy Tales is an invitation to have fun, unwind and remember why you fell in love with music in the first place.

The final track of the album ‘Ophelia’ is a real throwback for us and could easily be mistaken for a Fleetwood Mac number. It is the perfect finale to the album which is released this week and will no doubt be the soundtrack to our chilled summer as we navigate slowly out of lockdown.

Small Town Fairy Tales

  1. Strange
  2. Good Morning (Is It Over?)
  3. Heartbreaker
  4. Small Town Fairy Tale
  5. Rain Has Gone
  6. Angel Shoes
  7. Melody’s Eyes
  8. I See You
  9. He Holds On
  10. Santa Cruz
  11. Born to Play
  12. Ophelia






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