Lost Hollow is the sumptuous combined talents of husband and wife Tommy and Lorrie Harden. Having been recently voted Americana Band of the Year and Emerging Band of the Year 2018 by the Indie Music Channel and 2019 IMC Hall of Fame, they are certainly no strangers to the limelight. However, the success story of Americana’s dynamic duo might be considered to have been flipped in reverse.

“Haunting…very cool” Garth Brooks

Tommy has been a Nashville ‘A’ team session musician for years, becoming one of the most trusted and accomplished musicians of his generation. Instead of trying to get a Nashville record deal in their 20’s, Tommy was making a name for himself on the road and in the studios – playing on multiple #1 records and performing in arenas all over the US, while Lorrie’s focus was on her family, her music career firmly on the back burner.

“I’ve been very fortunate to work with Tommy and I’ve gotten to record songs written by Tommy and Lorrie…I’m very proud of both of them.” Reba McEntire

Following on from getting not one, but two cuts on Reba McEntire‘s double platinum selling album ‘Duets‘, including a song with Reba and Faith Hill called ‘Sleeping with a Telephone‘ and another with Reba and Carole King called ‘Everday People‘, which was performed live at the Kennedy Centre with Reba and Carole in front of the President and the entire national via NBC.

New single ‘Looking for Happy‘, from the forthcoming album of the same name, is a track powered by Tommy and Lorrie’s vocal duo prowess, with a sprinkling of ukelele magic. Inspired by a close relative going through Postpartum depression came a suggestion to do something every day to ‘Look for the Happy’, and that’s exactly what they did!

Lost Hollow seemingly began proper with the pair in their 40’s – having lived their life first, and then written songs about it. With an emotional range that extends from ecstasy to devastation, their music reflects real life, both good and bad.

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