Antonio Domingos, the official fastest Piano key hitter in the world, a title that many dream of owning. However this title doesn’t come easy, Antonio’s life leading up to this great achievement hasn’t been plain sailing, he’s been through hardships, knockbacks and harsh experiences, but its time for a change for this Gifted mind.

Antonio Domingos, born in America in 1977, Antonio discovered Piano at the age of 7, which he then studied for another 7 years. At the age of 14, he went through many legal battles to relocate to Moscow, in Russia. This was, as he described an extremely unbearable environment, and in no way did he think that he would remain in Moscow for 10 years, which was full of Visa problems and moving in and out of the country numerous times.

He had moved to Portugal, where he came across ‘benefactors’, who at the time helped financially and personally. However over the 4 years he was supported by this group, they had treated in ways that were exploitive, absurd, and even unethical. This was hard for Antonio, as this had put great pressure and strain on his life. Even though they had given him a surge in exposure, he had to start ‘putting his foot down’, which ultimately caused them to leave him as benefactors, other than the one Antonio himself dropped.

After this period of his life, Antonio was on his own, living pay-check to pay-check. As well as competing in competitions, and spending time and money on travel, Antonio needed to think of a new way to market himself.

Which led to the ultimate conclusion, that pushing himself as a player could ultimately be achieved through boosting speed and endurance.

He now has his own YouTube channel and holds this amazing title of being the ‘Worlds Fastest Piano Key Hitter’.

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