Following their recent social media success through receiving over a quarter of a million YouTube views for their last single ‘Attention!’, lead man of Apache Rose, Ilya Novokhatskiy has attributed the Russian bands worldwide success to Steve Jobs and Garageband.

With a background as a small business owner in Moscow, Ilya Novokhatskiy always made music as his hobby in particular using Garageband on his iPhone and iPad. He loved the simplicity of the app which made it easy for him to start writing songs in large quantities. Now, music has taken over Ilya’s life. Having always wanted to be a rock musician, playing guitar in a couple of bands in his teens, Ilya is now living his dream with Apache Rose. Choosing the band’s name after the song Apache Rose Peacock by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Russian rock band have been inspired by the likes of the Arctic Monkeys, Kaiser Chiefs and Guns and Roses.

Now, they are here with their latest single, ‘Blind Spot’, a ‘tribute’ to reckless taxi drivers worldwide and with an overarching theme of being careful not to put yourself in situations you can’t control.

Listen to the previous single ‘Attention!’ here

The new single precedes the bands EP which is set to be released this Summer, which Ilya and the rest of the band are hoping will be as well received across the globe as their previous work.





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