As far as unlikely genre shifting goes, there is little we can think of that compares to Jessica Victoria’s remarkable journey through sound. From her classical training and operatic success she has recently dedicated herself to, some would say literally, different worlds.

Jessica’s latest single is Some Songs are for Crying, a trad jazz track with an almost Cleo Laine-esque intro which despite the subject matter will have your toe tapping. However, it is Jessica Victoria’s forthcoming album which will really get your head spinning. Employing her extraordinary vocals and harp playing, the tracks take in everything from Arthurian legend through to Middle Earth romping through to literary influences such as G.K.Chesterton and Arthur Lord Tennyson.

If this feels like a lot to take in, that’s understandable but the strength and beauty of Jessica’s voice feel like a comforting arm around your shoulder as you’re guided through days of yore through to cityscapes of 2020. Jessica’s music is tailor made for escaping from the humdrum of every day life and is exactly what the world needs at the moment! Her album, Songs of the Summer Realm, is release this May.






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