Swiss star Börni is looking to inspire a new generation to follow their dreams with her brand new single ‘New Heights’. Writing the track alongside Synematik, Taylor Hill, and Lucius Page from the PageBrothers, they wanted it to symbolise where they were at the time and how they got there.

Börni describes the inspiration behind the new single stating, “we all faced major obstacles and challenges in life and overcame them, when it would’ve been so easy to just give up, but we kept pushing and remained focused on making progress. And that’s what the lyrics are about. ‘New Heights’ was inspired by the struggles that I, or anyone else who has a dream goes through. Those struggles either make you or break you, and ‘New Heights’ is about what is possible when you don’t give up.”

Give ‘New Heights’ a listen here

With her new track, Börni brings a fresh new sound with futuristic notes of pop blended with underlying hip-hop influences, which we are loving. It belongs straight in the charts! And we can’t wait to see what other new music Börni will be releasing later on this year as she looks to make her mark on the pop world.






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