British born indie-rock band, Future Fires are the answer to all your big night out cravings during this lockdown with their new single, Halfway Down.

The boys were brought together a decade ago in Birmingham by their love for loud lively Rock and Roll music, big nights out and a strong desire to share this with their fans and the current situation is no exception to this.

Whether you are craving a big night out, an intimate gig with your closest friends or a live concert with your partner, this track will help fill that void in your life as the soundtrack to a planet at the very brink of existence.

Get the party started with Future Fires first single from their EP, Infinite Life

You won’t want to stop the party there as the thrilling combo of furious guitars, a stinging percussive attack and driving vocals will leave you in hot anticipation of the debut EP from Future Fires which is expected Christmas 2020.

But for now.. Get to know the boys on social media and let their previous single, Infinite Life, get you through your lockdown until Halfway Down is released.







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