Is it a bird, is it a plane, well in this case it is a seat belt! Ok so what you on about, what is this talk of non dance related mumbo jumbo when introducing the man could really be a great Britten ….geddit…given his heritage founding the underground music events company, Anderson Legit, when he was only 16, it is clear his dedication to learning his craft singles him out as an artist with both passion and integrity, preferring to let his music do the talking than join the rat-race of false personalities and identikit clones. BUT what about the seatbelts???

Well check out his links below then we will tell you all about seatbelts..








So do you get a feel for the guy now? And ok what about the seatbelts , well let Jack describe things in his own words..

‘ I what I feel is an unfiltered passion , I can’t help it , I’m rarely without my Zoom H4nPro to hand, with field recordings often developing from random sounds through to intricate layers of rhythms and melodies, such is the case with my forthcoming single, where I just felt a need to reject traditional drum sounds to underpin the track and instead sampling the sound of my car seatbelt clicking into place for exactly the right tone!’

Well JACK YOU ARE CRAZY BUT IT WORKS ! And add to this created in his self-built studio, Jack has also utilised the skills of Grammy-nominated mixer, Mike Marsh (famed for his work with Chemical Brothers; Depeche Mode and Calvin Harris, among many others), as an external force. The first of a series of planned releases from Jack over the coming months, Running Round My Head is the first glimpse at an artist dedicated to creating music as art accessible for everyone. So do join Britten’s world and make him Great!

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