Get your seat belts on before Jack gets hold of them as there is nothing Mr.Britten , the best thing to come out of Yeovil since …errr…well actually probably the best thing to come out of Yeovil full stop. Now where was I , ah yes, the seatbelts, what is going round in your head you ask, what are you rambling on about, well let me tell you more about Jack. But first check out the links and see if you can tell what is behind this innovative groover.

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So did you get it , did you get the feel anywhere for seatbelts as we kid you not seatbelts are amongst some of the things that make Jack tick. It is this unfiltered passion for the potentially ridiculous which sees big Jack rarely without his Zoom H4nPro to hand, with field recordings often developing from random sounds through to intricate layers of rhythms and melodies, such is the case with his forthcoming single, rejecting traditional drum sounds to underpin the track and instead sampling the sound of , yes indeed , his car seatbelt! So can you hear it, you know that clicking into place sound for exactly the right tone! Founding the underground music events company, Anderson Legit, when he was only 16, Jack no novice, he lives and breathes this world his dedication to learning his craft singles him out as an artist with both passion and integrity, preferring to let his music do the talking than join the rat-race of false personalities and identikit clones.

Join him on his journey and tell him we sent you , we love him.

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