You can’t get a better name for a rock goddess than
Charmian Devi, she sounds mean and you don’t mess with her that’s what we feel
, but actually when you get donw to it Charmian’s style is beautifully poetic
and actually pretty gentle, have a look at the video for her new track and see
what you think –

You dig, yes? Well we do dig it indeed and we dig
Charmian and even better her music is all ready for you to enjoy and stream etc
here are samples –








What else do you need to know ? Try this for size, and
you will now have the full story including what the legends within her band and
the grammy producer think , then if you are not hooked, well there’s no
pleasing you , but we know you will be hooked and you will just be shouting out
your isolating window ‘ WE LOVE CHARMIAN!’

Based in Canada, after her father emigrated from
London to Montreal, Charmian Devi has spent her life as a musician, from
melodic garage bands through to lead singer and songwriter for 90s punk band,
Wretched Ethyl who became one of Canada’s most talked-about bands, opening for
the likes of Seattle grunge legends, 7 Year Bitch and punk icons, Nomeansno.
Their demise after four fraught years sadly coincided with the tragic death of her
husband – it was from the burning embers of this dark and harrowing time that
Charmian Devi relocated to London for two years to rebuild her life. Still
haunted by her turbulent past, she returned to Canada and a new Charmian
emerged, a songwriter and musician who was truly able to crystallise her
experiences and express them through her music.

“I really enjoyed recording with Charmian
Devi…her songs remind me of bands like the

Velvet Underground, raw intuitive and in-tune with the

Bassist, Tony Garnier

Dedicated to a life in music and resolutely opposed to
authoritarian regimes and dogma, Charmian is the embodiment of everything rock
n roll stands for: truth; revolution and unyielding artistry. Her latest
single, Radio of None is available on 8th April.

“I’ve really enjoyed producing Charmian because there
are fewer and fewer artists today that play inspired & raw folk/rock music
and are not trying to polish everything to sound more commercial. Her music
speaks the truth and she puts all of herself into her songs. That’s also why I
wanted to use musicians that are comfortable in an environment of spontaneous
music that’s rough around the edges but carries a meaning and an attitude.
Patti Smith, Bob Dylan and Sonic Youth are all raw and unapologetic and make
great rock and/or folk music with powerful lyrics and meanings, so choosing
Lenny, Tony and Steve was an obvious choice because that is exactly what
Charmian does too!”

Three-times Grammy Award-winning producer, Marc

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