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Cardi B has told her fans once again that she’ll be releasing new music soon, saying “it’s going to hit, too!”

The Bronx rapper’s last solo single release was ‘Press’, which came out over a year ago. She told fans just last month that her next single would be arriving “very, very soon”.

New music has yet to materialise, however. Addressing fan questions on Twitter yesterday (June 16), Cardi told one Twitter user “I’m coming” in response to a tweet which read “we’re ready for new tunes”.

In response to another since-deleted tweet, Cardi said “the music [is] coming sweety” before telling another fan that “it’s coming. It’s going to hit, too!”

Back in March, Cardi previewed a track called ‘Respect’ while at Atlanta’s Gold Room club.

A couple of weeks later, the rapper responded to a fan asking when her next single would be released by saying: “It’s delay[ed] due to the virus.”

Earlier this month, Cardi called on people to “take power” by exercising their right to votefollowing the widespread outrage and protests that have been sparked in the US and worldwide by the death of George Floyd.

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