Soulful Congo-Funk vocalist Elvic Kongolo released his powerful and emotive new track “Our Story” on the 12th February.

It deals with a dilemma encountered in a relationship. Taking the rhythmic sounds of his homeland and marrying them with his experiences in Europe, “Our Story” is a gentle introduction to his sound, showcasing his soaring, soulful tones with a song about the difficulties encountered within a relationship.


Kongolo is based in Oslo, Norway and creates music inspired by his
Congolese heritage. Blending Congolese rhythms with American funk influences, Elvic
sings in English, Lingala, French, and Norwegian, though his commitments to music
has been tested rigorously since arriving in Norway. Initially wanting to
become a musician, he was convinced by his family to study instead, a decision which
had disastrous consequences, ultimately finding Elvic reduced to living on the
streets. Through the help of others and a burning desire to spread joy through
his music, he has found himself performing in front of large audiences thanks
to his energetic stage show which has elements of the frenzied performances of James
, Fela Kuti and Little Richard.

Elvic himself explains “Our Story”:

When I hear “Our story”, I picture a beautiful relationship between
two people. Their relationship was fantastic, they were in paradise. Unfortunately,
their love couldn’t conquer the obstacles coming their way and it did not last”.

The song is a strong but gentle reminder that we often find happiness
by remembering what we have in common with other people, not what divides us.

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