Yes we mean it ! Cutting Crew we just love them and
how could you not when they created ‘ I just died in your arms’ one of the most
breathtakingly emotional songs that has ever been written, Oh come on you say
…surely that is going over the top, but now we would disagree as stop and
think, stop and think and ask yourself how many of us were conceived to this
tune, how many of our parents fell in love to this song and how many simply
have it donw as one of their all time karaoke hits, which some might say is the
best reason to love any song.

So now what have they done? Why is it back and what is
new about this Cutting Crew collection, well it is a classical version and that
may upset some but actually it is a really great re-working and if we wore a
hat we would take it off to the team behind the whole thing as it gives us a
new way to love the band even more. With a sound that helped define the 1980’s
music scene and a presence amongst popular culture which has seen them appear
across TV, film and video games, Cutting Crew return with a stellar new album,
“Ransomed Healed Restored Forgiven” featuring their best-loved songs recreated
in a completely new style. Now with the added emotion and power of a full
philharmonic orchestra, vocalist, Nick Van Eede and long-time Cutting Crew
guitarist, Gareth Moulton, look to both their die-hard fanbase and new
generations of 80’s acolytes to enjoy tracks which just refuse to get old!
Preceding the album is a single which has never truly gone away, (I Just) Died
in Your Arms, which now has even more of a shiver-down-the-spine factor with
its orchestral super-boost!

So now why not jump in and see if we are right , here
are the links, have a great time and enjoy what we feel is going to be a really
successful new project for the guys.

Listen to the full album here (Unreleased PRIVATE

Pre-Orders for the Deluxe 3-disc Edition are Now Open!



2) (I
Just) Died in Your Arms

I’ve Been in Love Before

Everything but My Pride

5) One
for the Mockingbird

6) No
Problem Child


8) Any

Climb Aboard

10) Berlin in

11) (I Just) Died
in Your Arms – Reprise





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