2019 statistics show 2.2 million men worldwide suffered physically during an abusive relationship during the previous 12 months, a statistic largely overlooked by the media. Victim to psychological abuse and blackmail from his former partner, Slam Me bravely tackles these issues head on, giving a voice to the reported 1 in 4 men who are abused but never report the crime. Well stop right there as I am about to introduce you to not just a great new artist, but as you might have guessed from the opening to my musical narrative , this guy VCage wants you to be educated by his music and in this particular case I think we should listen. Multi-instrumentalist, VCage, has released his debut single, Slam Me, a track which highlights a subject which is still considered one of the great taboos in society – violence and abuse committed against men by women. VCage was himself the victim of a toxic relationship which spilled over into physical abuse and he hopes Slam Me will give people around the world the confidence to realise they are not alone in their suffering and that it’s right to speak out and act against abuse of all kinds, whatever your gender or background.

Just dig into his meaningful lyrics and get a feel for his emotion and heart. Now it’s not often I give the lyrics to a whole song but in VCage’s case I will make an exception .

You touched me like everything was a game

You fooled me into a stupid mistake

You set my heart on fire

Emotions started to rise to my head

Your poison was pumping into my veins

I knew that I was gone

I  never  thought,

that I  would fall,

But I  kept craving for more

Go on and slam me against the wall

And tell me something that turns me on

Make me believe that I am the one

Then throw me to the floor

You got me thinking it was my fault

And I keep begging for you to Stop

But then I’m back to see your next move

I just can’t get enough

In silence I cried the lone and the pain

Anxiety was the first thing on my day

I couldn’t even breathe

And slowly reality starts to fade

I’m living between a dream and a hell

I think I’m going insane

No I won’t let you take it all

This time you are coming back for more

Come on I’ll slam you against the wall

I’ll tell you something that turns you on

Make you believe that you are the one

Then throw you to the floor

I’ll make you feel like It was your fault

And you’ll keep begging for me to stop

Then you’ll be back to see my next move

Jump on the bus and get on board to help this fantastic new talent, spread the word, as I feel there is indeed an new star on the horizon if you don’t believe me just check his soundcloud.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iamvcage/

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/iamvcage/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iamvcage/

Website: https://www.vcagemusic.com

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7HNyUi6WrsiSV0weosDG8c?si=0QL_9j7UTyqg2AZkChIrOA

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/vcage

In case you couldn’t tell I love this guy.

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