Never before has a collective piece of music writing resonated so deeply with us than ‘Monsters’ by Empathy Test, hear for yourself here –

Co-written by all four members of the band, Isaac, Chrisy, Adam and Ollie, the song as well as the new album is a beautiful work of art, capturing the very essence of the current world zeitgeist and as Earmilk put it themselves it is “emotional electronic music with a depth in its measure”.

The amalgamation of the four individual talents of the band doesn’t stop with epic song writing but continue as Chrisy’s extraordinarily thunderous percussion, and lyrics by Isaac throughout the album combine to see the band at the height of its powers, with liberal doses of dark electronic atmospherics.

As Empathy Test prepare to release their highly anticipated album which looks to cement them as one of the most inventive, emotionally affecting and addictive musical experiences around, we simply cannot wait to see what they produce next and would recommend you join us in following them in the upcoming weeks as we await their release date!







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