The power pop dynamos Emperor Penguin are back! The new track Taken For a Ride is out now on Savage Frenzy Recordings!

The band is made up of Neil Christie – Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards; Nigel Winfield – Guitar, Bass, Vocals; JT – Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards; Richard Wilson – Drums, Piano.

In the beginning the original Penguins – Neil Christie (vocals, guitar), Nigel Winfield (vocals, guitar), Adrian Long (vocals, bass) and Richard Wilson (drums) – set out to make a noise. Inspired by artists such as XTC, The Beatles, Buzzcocks and The Wombles, they performed around London in the early ‘90s and recorded their debut album at BBC Maida Vale Studios. The album, Crumhorn remained unreleased until recently.

Life was busy for the band, meaning they were not active and performing until 2017, when the re-formed Emperor Penguin released a new album – Rum Pop Engineer – on CD via Kool Kat Musik and on vinyl via their own Savage Frenzy Records. The new member bass, guitar player and singer, JT, replacing Rocking Adrian, created new energy into this rum pop.

Well, what do people say about them?

‘Inventive, quirky power pop band whose music conjures up the Jam as much as Big Star.’ The Unherd Music

‘UK’s Emperor Penguin have released one of the most intriguing records I’ve heard all year. These guys are a power pop band at their core, that much is clear. But they use trippy atmospheric sounds swirling around some of the catchiest melodies you’ll ever hear. They’re then laid on a strong foundation of guitar rock n’ roll. Imagine The Jam covering the Beatles Sgt. Pepper album and you might be able to start picturing what Emperor Penguin have done here. Emperor Penguin have put their own unique touch to the power pop genre and the results are quite magnificent.’ Audio Ammunition

‘Emperor Penguin is a fantastic name for a band. And their latest effort, Walnut Fascia, lives up to the moniker and then some. Emperor Penguin delivers big time. Eloquently written and catchy as all git-go… Simply awesome.’ Power Pop News


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