Power-pop dynamos, Emperor Penguin are back! The release of their new EP, ‘Taken For A Ride’ is out now on Savage Frenzy Recordings.

As the artwork suggests, Emperor Penguin have definitely not released the typical pop music that we hear in the charts today. Instead, they have taken a look back at their original influences when they first set out as a band and created an EP that blends together a timeless mix of Rock ‘n’ Roll and swirling sounds that remind you of The Beatles’ Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club.

‘Taken for a Ride’ full track listing:

01. Tuesday’s World – A solid opener that introduces you to the dreamy sound that resonates throughout the EP.

02. Maserati – A track that picks up the tempo, with toe-tapping beats and spirited vocal harmonies.

03. Belgravia Affair – A more experimental take on the Penguins’ previous works, with a catchy melody and lyrics that seem to worm their way into your head – that you can help but singing along!

04. Hangar 9 – A real throwback to the 1980s, with an incredible music video, this synth-led addictive pop track is bound to leave you wanting more!

Don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what other reviewers have to say:

This is a hugely enjoyable and varied album, one which fans of guitar pop should really check out. A superb listen.

Colours Through The Air

Throws together the best of late 60s psyche-pop with power pop. The band is firing on all cylinders.


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