Apostolos Angelis has learnt what he calls the ‘universal language’ of music through the most organic way possible: listening. Ever since he dusted off the old vinyl and cassettes that he found in his childhood home, Apostolos has found himself inspired by the classical composers and the treasured electronic tracks of the 70s and 80s. Apostolos’ raw passion for music has helped him to evolve into a prolific autodidact composer, creating ethereal Electronic-Classical-Orchestral music within his mind and not needing to learn music notation to successfully express his deepest emotions.

Being influenced by classical and early music he has used many baroque music compositional techniques such as ”counterpoint” which modern composers rarely use. He wanted to achieve that three-dimensional feel where the melodies within a music piece are independent but at the same time interact with each other creating rich harmonies. Coloring of Life is the latest album from Apostolos Angelis, listen below.

Coloring of Life – Listen to the album in full

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