Still trying to find your favourite tunes this lockdown? Fear not, we’ve found the soundtrack to your isolation – Future Fires new single ‘Halfway Down’.

Urgent, addictive and darkly brooding, Future Fires combine the best of modern British indie-rock to soundtrack a planet at the very brink of existence. Their forthcoming single, Halfway Down, is a thrilling combination of furious guitars, a stinging percussive attack and driving vocals, the perfect introduction to the twisted world of Future Fires.

Just like us, Adam, Matt, Jak and Alex have a passion for loud and lively Rock and Roll music and big nights out and so can relate to how we are all feeling with too many nights in at the moment. They combine together in their forthcoming single, Halfway Down, which is a ferocious chorus of guitars, percussion and vocals to bring those big nights out to our homes and making those nights more Rock and Roll.

Have a listen to the bands first single from the EP, Infinite Life

Enjoy your introduction to the twisted world of Future Fires and let them be the soundtrack to the apocalypse this Summer ahead of their album launch in December.







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