In 2010, songwriter Gavin Luke decided to divide his time between composing his own pieces and composing music for visual media. This was followed by a storm of success online, which saw him gain over 25 million plays on Spotify, and several billion views on YouTube.

Gavin grew up with musical parents and grandparents, so had a keen interest in piano from an early age. The art of creating music became more than a passion, as he went on to study music synthesis and film scoring at the prestigious Berklee College of music.

His latest release, ‘In Search of Home’, was another of Gavin’s attempts at perfection. So eager to achieve the perfect timbre and effect for the song, Gavin customized his piano, utilizing a thinner piece of felt between the hammers and the strings for a truly unique effect. Creating a muted and intimate sound, the pianist described it as: “reflecting a longing or a sense of wanting to belong, to feel loved, or to feel at peace”.

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