Lui Krieg is the spiritual rockstar we all need to connect with right now. We spoke to him about his jounrey into the music industry and how he has Glastonbury and Michael Eavis to thank for his new-found career…

“26 years ago, in 1994, I was with my partner and my son in Pudsey near Leeds. One morning, I opened up the newspaper and there was a one page ad advertising the Glastonbury Festival in Glastonbury, Somerset. I looked at the ad and I said to my family ‘we have to go’ so we jumped in the car!”

Although it was a long journey to Glastonbury, Lui speaks about that moment when you know you are close to the festival..

“We were driving down the road, listening to great rock music and suddenly we went over that hill and there was Stonehenge right in front of me, the first time I saw Stonehenge with my eyes and I was screaming, I was like “wow, wow, wow” and suddenly a magical journey began. Seeing Glastonbury from far away I had a very very deep emotional moment and I suddenly recognised that I was coming home.”

“However, when we arrived at the gate there was a small problem.. we did not have a ticket! So, I talked to one of the guards and I showed him my magical creations (jewellry and magical objects that I had created). He advised that we drive up to Michael Eavis’ farm house and ask him directly for a ticket.. So, we did! We drove off and we knocked at Michael Eavis’ door and he answered and invited us into his living room. We started to talk about our journey, about what we do with the jewellry and our magical tools and we were able to convince him that we should be part of this Glastonbury festival. And in no time, there we were inside the Glastonbury festival having the most amazing time. We set up a stall, I was selling pendants, we were connecting with the people. It was a brilliant festival, the sun was shining, no mud, everything was perfect.”

An amazing first experience of Glastonbury for sure, but it was Lui’s experience after the festival had finished that secured his love for the place.

“After the festival was over, we decided to head down to Glastonbury town, and my god what a welcome it was for us. We walked up the tour and something very special, magical, happened. On top of the tour, I met somebody who was wearing one of my pendants that I had created and he had purchased off me five years earlier in India, in Goa. So that I took as a very very good sign. We then went down to the gallery at the bottom of the Glastonbury tour and showed them our magical creations and they immediately offered us an exhibiton there the next day. And so we opened the stall the next day and our creations were so well received we immediately realised that this is the place that we should make our home and that’s when we decided we’re going to go back to India, we are going to pack everything up and we are going to move to Glastonbury, the ancient isle of Avalon – probably the most magical place on planet earth.”

A truly magical story!

And now, Lui is here with his debut album ‘Spirit Rise’ which he has worked with legendary producer Paul Foss on. The first single ‘Upside Down’ is out now and is accompanied by a lockdown video, which you can watch below.. trust us you won’t want to miss it!

For more info on the rest of the ‘Spirit Rise’ album, follow Lui Krieg and the Alchemysts of Sound in the links below.




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