So if you might never have met any Children of the
Revolution , we believe they would very much come in the shape of the lovely
Beau Bowen , who we have to say judging by his amazing music is a bit of a
musical maestro and Marc Bolan god in the making . Hailing originally from
Australia, Beau Bowen is now firmly based in London, his lair festooned with
flares, sequinned capes, feathered caps and boots requiring a step ladder to
get into but most importantly, the base from which his extraordinary music is
born. His gift for lyrics and melody is matched by a prodigious talent for
guitar-playing, his virtuoso Fender Strat outbursts aided by a passion for
vintage gear, minimoogs and an array of flashy pedals. With heavy doses of
psychedelia mixed into his sound, it’s rare that a fully-fledged rock star emerges
from the firmament but with Beau Bowen, it’s difficult to imagine a more
complete article.

Beau Bowen’s debut opus is entitled, with typically
tongue-in-cheek style, The Great Anticlimax, the title track from which is the
forthcoming single. Alongside other key tracks, such as the debut single, A
Rock ‘n’ Roll Story, The Great Anticlimax is a REAL album, with heart-breaking
tales of a failed romance with a stripper; heart-warming stories of true
romance with a stripper and an invitation to be dazzled by the mysteries of his
glitter volcano of a brain. Recorded using vintage synths, it was produced by
Miles James (Tom Odell); was mixed by 5-times Grammy Award-winner Jimmy
Douglass (Led Zeppelin; Roxy Music; Timbaland) and mastered by Grammy-winner Mike
Bozzi (Kendrick Lamar; Tupac; Childish Gambino).

1. The
Great Anticlimax

2. A
Rock ‘n’ Roll Story

Time is an Illusion Baby

Comic Renaissance I

Messianic Indulgence II

Cosmic Renaissance II

7. The
Life I Chose for Myself

Universe in Reverse

Bisolar Disorder





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