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Coldplay, BTS and Miley Cyrus have been announced for live-streamed iHeartRadio Festival. Artists will perform in LA and Nashville to a Zoom audience.

As Variety reports, the event will go ahead despite the coronavirus crisis – with performances being filmed in both Los Angeles and Nashville between September 18 and 19.

An audience will not be present at the 10th-anniversary event, however, with those onstage and behind the scenes also required to adhere to social distancing guidelines in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“We’ll put a Zoom suite of fans in there so the artists can look out and see, but they won’t really be there. And we’ll have a production team outside the facility remotely in a parking lot and the artists will have the venue to themselves for an entire day.

The festival season is looking undeniable different for 2020, a zoom concert seems somewhat surreal but completely innovative. Kudos to iHeartRadio for overcoming challenge and providing us with some great live acts.

Reported By: Jessica Rowe

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