Although Ilya Novokhatskiy has always enjoyed music and even dreamed of creating his own to sell and play for the world one day, he chose a career in business instead. However, now, as he reaches his 40s, Ilya has picked back up his true passion and formed Apache Rose, the hottest new rock band you must listen to!

Somewhat ironically combining sounds from the British Invasion of the Sixties and the Alternative guitar bands of the Nineties, Apache Rose are the Russian musical offensive we can all be joyful about! Apache Rose is far from Russian interference, it is the clarion call for the return of ultra-catchy melodic rock, with the earworms of The Beatles and the raw swagger of The Strokes. Apache Rose’s latest single is ‘Blind Spot’, a ‘tribute’ to reckless taxi drivers worldwide and with an overarching theme of being careful not to put yourself in situations you can’t control.

Listen to their previous single ‘Attention!’ here

With 10,000 Facebook followers and over a quarter of a million YouTube views for ‘Attention!’, it looks like Ilya’s dreams have all come true and the rockstar from Russia is a hit amongst rock fans in both America and the UK. We are certainly loving it, and are truly inspired by the success that Ilya has made of going after his passion!





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