Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards have released their striking single ‘Dreaming’, a teaser of their new album ‘BITTER BETTER’ due to be released on 17th July. ‘Dreaming’ is pure pop brilliance served with a twist of string instruments and folk grooves. In Laura Cortese’s capable hands the track is catchy, ethereal and feel-good, just what the world needs right now.

Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards have long been pushing the boundaries of genre, abandoning the rule book to embrace their extensive string music background, folk and roots inspirations and love of synths, loops and dance-worthy grooves. This adventurous approach to their music has produced vivid power anthems such as ‘Dreaming’ and predicts only good things for their July album ‘BITTER BETTER’.

The 11 track project is set to provide us all with some much needed relief and release, aiming to keep us connected and make our complicated world a better place. We can’t wait to hear everything ‘BITTER BETTER’ has to offer, and until then we’ll keep ‘Dreaming’ on repeat.

Preorder ‘BITTER BETTER’ coming on July 17th

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