How’s this for an upbringing.. Rock star Lucas Tadini was born in Brazil to Italian parents and then attended a Chinese school where he learnt to speak Mandarin. Now settled in Los Angeles, he is bringing all these cultures together to bring to us his debut single, The Arsonist.

After studying at the world-famous Berklee College of Music, Tadini has played in bands such as TüR and Mais 55 from his hometown of Sao Paolo and Skunk Oil In LA. These experiences have allowed him to hone his skills as a singer, keyboardist and guitarist, as well as his production and arrangements, not to mention the opportunity to play with such legends as Jota Quest, Seu Jorge and drummer supreme, Kenwood Dennard, as well as the world-renowned conductors, Henry Leck and Joao Carlos Martins.

He sure has an impressive CV but time to put his money where his mouth is with the brand new track ‘The Arsonist’

Judging by the teaser, this is going to be brilliant and what else did we expect with his musical influences and one army band consisting of a guitar, a phalanx of Moogs, the odd Mellotron and a theremin, bravo Tadini!

If you’re now as obsessed with the latest rock hero from the West Coast as we are then keep alert for his brand new album, Collective Delusion, set to be released later this year. And, in the meantime, keep up to date on how he’s coping during lockdown through the links below.





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