So the tales of King Arthur all come together in a
unique and some might say ‘female feisty’ way thanks to the stunningly talented
U.S. harpist Jessica Victoria or actually Doctor Jessica to be precise . have
you not heard about her yet as there is a big buzz growing, well sit back and
let us tell you all about her. Whilst
some musicians may look to predictable approaches and stick to one particular
musical stream, New Mexico-born songstress Jessica Victoria defies convention
at every stage, exploiting both her classical training and singer-songwriter
credentials and finding lyrical and thematic influence from Arthurian mythic
history! Jessica Victoria’s album Songs of The Summer Realm has a little
something for everyone, transporting the listener to a different time and
place, while instilling ideas and ideals which remain incredibly relevant.
Preceded by three exclusive tracks, Wayfaring Stranger; Love Charm and Some
Songs are for Crying, from classical to opera to Celtic folk to rock and pop,
the musical journeys Jessica will take you on are as inspiring as they are

Listen to Love Charm here:

Dr. Jessica Victoria has performed for Pope John Paul
II at the Vatican, at Carnegie Hall’s Weill Recital Hall and with orchestras in
the United States, Europe and South America, picking up many awards for her
vocal performances along the way, but this still doesn’t reflect the sheer
scale of her musical output. With ancestral links to Celtic regions around the
world, Jessica’s fascination with both the music and literature from these
areas permeates her music, with lyrics (both traditional texts and her own
contributions) accentuating the strong female characters in Arthurian legend,
and extoling the virtues of leaders of integrity who often seem so missing from
the present day.


“This is the first album on which I’m following my
passion for song-writing and mythic history. I am a classically-trained
musician who still loves to do opera, orchestra and recital work, but this
album is the beginning of a new life for me in many ways.

I wrote many of the songs at my harp, Merlin, which is
a Merlin RHarp made by Rick Rubarth in Colorado. Some may wonder how a girl who
grew up in Albuquerque developed such a love for Celtic culture and music. One
answer may lie in our family’s roots. In the last few years, my research
revealed the likelihood that some of my family came from Galicia, a part of
Spain with Celtic links”

Jessica Victoria holds a doctorate in musical arts
from The Catholic University of America, a Master of Music in vocal performance
from the New England Conservatory of Music and bachelors’ degrees in music and
foreign languages from the University of New Mexico, where she graduated summa
cum laude. In addition to a thriving performance career, Victoria directs the
voice track of the Sacred Music Program at the Franciscan University of
Steubenville. Collaborating artists on Songs of the Summer Realm include such
well-known Scottish musicians as Lorne MacDougall of the Red Hot Chilli Pipers
and the Tannahill Weavers; Mary Ann Kennedy; Euan Stevenson; Wendy Weatherby
and Euan Burton. Jessica recorded the album at Watercolour Music in the
Scottish Highlands. Born blind, her condition does not hold her back in any
way, composing using Braille music and transcription and enjoying horse riding,
ballroom dancing, baking and swimming in the sea (not necessarily all at the
same time!)






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