If you loved JJ’s previous EP, ‘Silhouettes’, as much as we did then listen up as he has released his new single ‘..if you’re awake in the night’ ahead of the launch of his upcoming EP ‘The Theft & The Flight’.

Much like the previous EP, ‘The Theft & The Flight’ has all the tenderness and artistry of JJ’s inspirations Sufjan Stevens, Nick Mulvey and Bon Iver while also capturing its own voice and tone. Acoustic guitar-led with soft falsetto vocals, incorporating subtle, dappled sampling, electronics and piano, the new work is an exploration of JJ’s rich and intense, emotional soundscapes.

Not familiar with JJ’s work? Watch him perform ‘Gwythian’ at Sofar London in 2018

The new single, set to be released on 5th June, juxtaposes gentle music with the unflinching chronicling of real-life events as JJ recalls his inspiration behind the song: “Returning home in March last year to a police cordon around the car park of my flat, I turned on the news to discover that a young man had been brutally murdered on my doorstep. Not having a real insight into the growing culture of gang violence in London, I wrote ‘…if you’re awake in the night’ to chronicle the surreal experience of those who come inadvertently into contact with a troubling world they don’t understand.”

‘The Theft and The Flight’ EP


That’s What I Call Progress!

…if you’re awake in the night


The Theft and the Flight

We can’t wait to hear the other singles on this new EP set to be released on 3rd July. In the meantime, give JJ a follow on his social channels below and let his previous EP ‘Silhouettes’ chill you out on spotify.

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