JJ Draper returns with his emotional new single ‘…if you’re awake in the night’, due to be released on June 5th, which will then be followed by the beautifully crafted, delicate EP ‘The Theft and the Flight’ on July 3rd.

JJ’s previous EP ‘Silhouettes’ gained recognition from Radio 1’s Hue Stephens and has been widely praised for it’s tenderness and artistry. It’s the perfect blend of Bon Over and Nick Mulvey’s gentle nature while still projecting his own voice and tone.

JJ’s upcoming EP ‘The Theft and the Flight’ is raw, stripped back and lead by acoustic guitar, soft falsetto vocals and subtle electronics which highlight the lyrics and allow them to speak for themselves. The tracks explore the intense culture of gang violence in London, creating an emotional and insightful experience for the listener. Speaking about the inspiration behind the second track from the EP ‘…if you’re awake in the night’ JJ said:

“Returning home in March last year to a police cordon around the car park of my flat, I turned on the news to discover that a young man had been brutally murdered on my doorstep. Not having a real insight into the growing culture of gang violence in London, I wrote ‘…if you’re awake in the night’ to chronicle the surreal experience of those who come inadvertently into contact with a troubling world they don’t understand.

I wanted all my new music to be honest and grounded, both lyrically and in the way it was recorded. I spent months experimenting at Natural Habitat Studios working with many great musicians to make something I hope feels homespun, authentic and vivid.”

JJ names Big Thief, Radiohead and Wilco as inspiration behind his honest, compelling lyrics and sound and arrangements are already being made for his a powerful live performance which is set to be a showcase of vulnerability and raw emotion. As a whole, JJ uses his EP and single to shed light on an issue that affects many but isn’t often discussed openly though a beautiful display of raw musical talent.

While you’re waiting for ‘…if you’re awake in the night’ and ‘The Theft and the Flight’ make sure to check out JJ’s previous singles and EPs over on Spotify and keep up to date with social media to stay up to date with future releases.

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