Lailien is set to release his weird and wonderful new album Ta-Da! on 22nd July.

Lailien has a sound truly like no other, his 2019 debut album Ensoular was featured in publications and radios across the globe. From BBC 6Music, to Sirius XM, Lailien has already been making waves in the electro scene.

Ta-Da! (to be released on 22nd July) Is Lailien’s sophomore album that is set to blast him off into the solar system of musical success. Lailien’s music is a colourful wonder, full of trippy melodies and electro-psychedelic elements you won’t hear anywhere else.

The 11 track project is brave, experimental and innovative, setting Lailien out as an ‘out there’ artist and one who certainly does not adhere to any rule books.

His willingness to abandon the norm enables him to become a truly standout artist, unlike anything you may have heard before. Lailien explains his genius best himself-

“Ta-Da as a word is pure incantation: a spell for magic, the moment of “voila!” and revelation. It is when the threshold between profane and sacred is crossed and the mystical, magical transcendental act occurs.

In a similar vein to Milton’s Paradise Lost, Ta-Da! follows and proposes a radical new origin story for Lucifer and our fallen world. In Ta-Da! the Devil is gradually revealed through a hall of mirrors-type escapade to be running society’s show in his and her twisted machinations.

The album is in many ways the antithesis to Kanye West’s ‘Jesus Is King’, presenting a much more nuanced story of creation, devoid of pre-given doctrine that fails to adequately address the actuality of our particular contemporary historical moment”.

The best way to understand Lailien’s talent, is to experience it for yourself, a decision you won’t regret.

Ta-Da! Is set to be released tomorrow (22nd July), in the meantime follow Lailien to get a taste of psychedelic genius.

Written By: Jessica Rowe






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