Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards have brought us the groovy pop anthem we’ve been waiting for. ‘Dreaming’ is a sensational single that, put simple, is pure brilliance. The track incorporates synths, loops and dance-worthy grooves and is just 1 of 11 that makes up their new album ‘BITTER BETTER’ due to be released on July 17th. The album is set to transcend all genres, and take us on a journey of self discovery and connectivity.

Whilst we anxiously await the July 17th release of ‘BITTER BETTER’ Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards keep us satisfied with a feel-good video to accompany latest single ‘Dreaming’. In Laura’s words-

‘I started imagining the video even before we finished recording the song. I wanted the band to have the fun of dancing in our own music video but without feeling the pressure of not being professional dancers. By May, the whole idea was brewing in the back of my head…’

The ‘Dreaming’ video emits all the happiness, grove and excellence of the track, and is the perfect means to lift your mood from the lockdown blues.

Stream ‘Dreaming’ by Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards now and get excited for ‘BITTER BETTER‘ coming on July 17th.

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